Project Description


Built to our own unique design, our Orangeries are both elegant and flexible, designed with you in mind to fit around your lifestyle. Whether your taste is traditional, contemporary or of a more practical nature, each orangery we design is built to your needs.

With our specialist building techniques, along with cutting edge technology and craftsmanship, our orangeries have become instant room solutions. AES Orangeries can be constructed within days at the highest standard, unlike traditional orangeries which can take month’s to achieve the same standard of construction.

Designs are very adaptable to enable a perfect harmony with your existing buildings and garden, whether free-standing or as a home extension. Orangeries make a perfect secluded peaceful retreat, away from the hectic pace of modern life, and can be enjoyed the whole year round by the addition of heating or even a cosy fireplace or wood burner. These beautiful buildings can introduce you to a whole new way of life, extending many summer garden activities… they make great games rooms, hot tub enclosures, home offices, extension of your kitchen etc. the list is endless!

If your looking for extra space in your home for either relaxation or to create a working study or office, AES Orangeries are extremely cost-effective. Please contact us for no-obligation advice and help, our team is just a phone call away…